• India

    A silver lining worth 90 crores of kindness

    As the world still reels under the impact of the COVID pandemic, the need to be optimistic has never been greater. But even through this daunting time, people are proving that compassion…

  • BangaloreMilaap enables unity against COVID-19

    Milaap enables unity against COVID-19

    Banglore: Covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, has infected more than 3.75 lakh people worldwide, killing more than 16,300. In India alone, it has so far caused 10 deaths and infected at least 500 people as of 25th March 2020.…

  • NewsNew ray of light for burn survivors

    New ray of light for burn survivors

    Hyderabad: The pain and trauma of a burn victim is one of the most crippling things in the world. For Neehari, the pain of being 55% burnt, and the trauma of losing…

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