Telangana exit poll results: Congress holds edge, hung Assembly possible

Results of Telangana assembly elections are scheduled to be released on December 3.

Hyderabad: As the Telangana assembly elections come to an end at 5 pm today, many exit poll results indicating the outcome of the polling started becoming public.

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According to most of the exit polls, Congress holds the edge in forming the next government. However, surveys are also hinting at the possibility of a hung assembly in the state.

The surveys also predict a considerable fall in seats for the incumbent Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS).

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In 2018, the BRS (then TRS) had won 88 seats, while the BJP had won only one seat. The AIMIM had won seven seats and the Congress 19 seats.

In Telangana where there are 119 MLAs, the magic number is 60.

Exit poll results in Telangana

The various survey results are as follows.

SurveyCongressBRSBJPOthers (*)
Aaraa (prepoll)58-6741-495-77-9
News24-Today’s Chanakya71(±)933(±)97(±)58(±)3

*- Others includes AIMIM.

Jan Ki Baat48-6440-557-134-70
Chanakya Strategies67-7822-316-96-70

The results of the Telangana assembly elections are scheduled to be released on December 3.

What are exit polls?

An exit poll is a survey conducted immediately after people have voted for their respective candidates. The tool helps assess the support for political parties and their candidates.

Apart from Telangana, exit polls for other states—Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, and Mizoram—are also declared.

As exit polls are just indications, they cannot be believed blindly.

It is only the Telangana assembly poll results that will clarify who is going to form the government in the state.

(This is a breaking story. The story will be updated as more exit poll results are declared)

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