Telangana: Govt sets up ‘Center of Excellence’ in Jeedimetla, Mulugu

Hyderabad: The state government has set up two “Centers of Excellence” to urge farmers toward the production of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. In Siddipet District’s Mulugu, a 53-acre fruit cultivation center has been set up on the Telangana Horticultural University campus.

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The University of Horticulture has set up a Center of Excellence for Vegetables and Floriculture in Jeedimetla, Medchal-Malkajgiri District. 17,915 seedlings were planted and 14,747 seedlings of 5 species belonging to agroforestry were planted. Apart from these, mango, curry, and mulberry plants were also planted.

At the Mulugu center, 17,915 plants of 49 selected varieties of 9 varieties of fruits were planted on 30 acres by renowned researchers in the country. Of these, 11 acres are under mango, 8 acres for lemon, limes, and sweet potato, 3.20 acres for guava, 2.20 acres for pomegranate, one acre for persimmon, 1.10 acres for tamarind, 2.36 acres for custard apple and 0.25 acre for dragon fruit.

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In addition to fruit plants, agroforestry species such as sandalwood and bamboo are also grown on the land. Also, cassava (10,284), jackfruit (200), Jamun (200), coconut (200), and sandalwood (720) were planted.

The government has introduced farmers to the latest technologies in the Mulugu centre. New proprietary methods in the cultivation of fruits of export standard with micro-farming, mechanization, water storage, water conservation, pruning, and post-harvest proprietary methods were discussed.

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