These are reasons behind why Makkah stays warm in winter

Saudi Arabia's climate expert attributed Makkah's winter warmth to various geographical and weather factors.

A renowned climate expert from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has revealed the reasons behind the wintertime warmth in the Makkah region.

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Taking to X, Abdullah Al-Misnad, former professor of climate at Qassim University and vice president of the Saudi Weather and Climate Society, attributed Makkah’s winter warmth to various geographical and weather factors.

Here are few reasons

  • The giant mountain barrier in the Hijaz mountains prevents the cold masses from the north and center from reaching Makkah.
  • Makkah, located approximately 300 meters above sea level, is less susceptible to cold than other high-altitude locations due to its low elevation.
  • Makkah’s southern location in Saudi Arabia shields it from the cold northern influences that impact the northern and central regions.
  • Makkah’s proximity to the Red Sea warms the coasts in the evening and the areas nearby through the sea breeze mechanism.

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