Tips on finding a dream job in Saudi Arabia

Considering Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, it is hard to ignore that the country is full of business and investment opportunities, making Saudi Arabia a place to be.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is in the midst of a major economic transformation. The reform is part of the Kingdom’s long-term economic strategy – Vision 2030, and its national transformation plan that aims to diversify the economy away from dependence on the oil sector.

Considering Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, it is hard to ignore that the country is full of business and investment opportunities, making Saudi Arabia a place to be.

There is good news for job hunters because there are several megaprojects shaping the future of Saudi Arabia.

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Here are some of the mega-projects shaping the future of Saudi Arabia

  • Journey Through Time
  • Qiddiya
  • NEOM
  • Red Sea Project
  • Jabal Omar
  • Amaala
  • Ad Diriyah
  • Al Widyan
  • Jeddah Tower
  • Jeddah Metro
  • Riyadh Metro
  • Makkah Public Transport Programme
  • Sharaan Nature Reserve
  • King Salman Energy Park
  • Modern downtown

With all these mega-projects taking shape, jobs are plentiful in Saudi Arabia.

Here are tips for getting your dream job in Saudi Arabia

Tailor your resume

  • Not every job description is the same. In the digital age, most filtering is done by computer algorithms that primarily look for keywords. This means that it helps to tailor the resume based on the job description.
  • You should include specific skills and keywords from the job description in your resume.
  • Always keep your resume up to date and consciously match it to the job description before applying for any position.

Use LinkedIn effectively

  • LinkedIn is a great way to get the attention of industry leaders who are potential future employers.
  • Update your LinkedIn profiles and actively post about any work-related accomplishments, anecdotes, or updates.
  • LinkedIn can also be used to connect and interact with industry professionals.


  • According to LinkedIn data, 70 percent of individuals were hired by a company with which they had a mutual connection, and applicants who were referred by an employee working for the company were eight times more likely to be hired.
  • Add colleagues, friends, family, and companies you want to work for – this will make you visible to your contact connections too. Additionally, take time to attend networking events in your industry or the industry you want to work in. You never know who you will meet.

Find the right jobs

  • Use the Jobs tab on your LinkedIn profile to find job listings that are right for you, in the industry or market you want to move into. It’s easy to set specific job search parameters, so you suggest roles at companies you’re interested in working for.

Be persistent

  • During your application process, unfortunately, there are times when you will be rejected. Remember to stay as positive as possible and persistence is key!
  • Apply to different companies and track your application to make sure it’s in the hands of the right people. In addition to using the job board, try to find a direct person to give your resume to and follow up on.
  • Keep checking back to see if they have reviewed your app yet. Showing a degree of tenacity during the job search phase will help you once you reach the interview process.

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