Watch: Water drips from overhead bins in Air India flight

"Air India. Fly with us, it's not a trip… it's an immersive experience," wrote a netizen on X post.

Passengers on an Air India flight were left stunned after they found themselves under dripping water that was leaking through the overhead bins of the flight.

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The Air India flight was going from Delhi to London Gatwick Airport and the scene took place on Boeing B787 Dreamliner. “Air India. Fly with us, it’s not a trip… it’s an immersive experience,” wrote a flyer, @baldwhiner, in his post.

The video he shared shows several passengers resting on one side of the plane while the other end is completely empty as water drips down. The videos also shows cabin crew actively working to address the situation.

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This post was shared on November 29. Since being posted, it garnered over six lakh views and close to 5,000 likes.

Reacting to the video, a netizen wrote, “Some left their fully filled water bottle in cabin luggage, that might be the reason this is why they ask us to keep water bottles with us. Don’t just simply blame the company.”

“Can someone ask for a refund in such situations,” asked another.

“Had a similar experience in 2018 Frankfurt to Delhi, just after the takeoff. The flight attendant said nothing to worry about, it was normal and asked me to move toward the kitchen until it stopped. 10 minutes later it was ok, probably some issue with AC,” wrote another.

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