Mallepally Jama Masjid

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    Photo of Mallepally Badi Masjid reports no COVID-19 cases

    Mallepally Badi Masjid reports no COVID-19 cases

    Hyderabad: Confirmed cases of coronavirus within the Mallepally area remain less, with no cases reported in Mallepally Badi (Jama) Masjid over 56 people who were asked to stay in 14…

  • Hyderabad (Photos)
    Photo of Mallepally a no-go zone

    Mallepally a no-go zone

    Hyderabad: With Mallepally turning into a containment area, the area is now a no-go zone. Local police sealed the surrounding roads with barricades around the lanes leading to the Jamia…

  • Hyderabad (Photos)Photo of Damaged Roads

    Damaged Roads

    Due to incessant rains since yesterday, the damaged road near  Mallepally Jama Masjid, and Mozamjahi Market, MJ Road,  can be seen in a dilapidated condition.Photo:Laeeq

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