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    The increasing size of tumours due to COVID-19 related delay

    Hyderabad:¬†¬†Brain tumours, if neglected are very dangerous. Their size gets increased and that will lead to so many issues. People who get these tumours usually go to doctors and undergo surgeries wherever…

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    ‘Helper’ cells that can kill cancerous tumours: study

    London: In a major breakthrough, researchers have identified how a subset of immune cells are activated to kill cancerous cells, which could hold the key to new powerful therapies against cancer. This…

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    New AI system may help detect prostate cancer

    New York: Researchers have developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) system to help radiologists improve their ability to diagnose prostate cancer. The system, called FocalNet, helps identify and predict the aggressiveness of…

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    Oral bacteria may up risk of pancreatic cancer

    London:The presence of oral bacteria in cystic pancreatic tumours is associated with the severity of the tumour, a new study suggests. According to the researcher, the results can help to reappraise the…

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    Drug combination may treat advanced kidney cancer

    Washington: An investigator from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute now says that a combination of two drugs – one of them an immunotherapy agent – could become a new standard, first-line treatment for patients…

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