• HealthLarge-scale DNA study reveals genetic links to height

    Large-scale DNA study reveals genetic links to height

    Washington: Researchers have identified over 12,000 genetic variants that influence a person’s height.The 12,111 variants, which cluster around parts of the genome associated with skeletal growth, provide a powerful genetic predictor for…

  • Health

    Can genetic testing help evaluate risk of heart disease

    New York: US researchers have launched a clinical trial in which genetic testing is used to identify men and women at risk of developing heart disease based on the makeup of their…

  • HealthExplained: How obesity is linked to Covid mortality globally

    Study discovers genetic pathways to understand obesity

    London: A new study has helped to shine light on the genetic pathways underlying obesity which could help develop more personalised ways to help people maintain a healthy weight. The findings of…

  • Health

    Genetic test developed to predict onset of glaucoma

    Washington: A group of researchers from Australia has formulated a genetic test that could detect people’s susceptibility towards developing glaucoma, which is a debilitating ocular disease that can potentially make its sufferers…

  • Hyderabad

    CCMB, CDFD sign MoU to address genetic diseases

    Hyderabad: CSIR Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) AND Centre for DNA Finger printing and Diagnostics (CDFD) todoy signed a memorandum of understanding to maximize the potential of both the institutes…

  • Health

    Insomnia can impact migraine prevalence

    Washington: According to a recent study, sleep disorders, especially insomnia, can impact the pervasiveness of migraine. According to a study published in The American Journal of Managed Care, in addition to genetic…

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