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    Taliban hang dead bodies in city squares of Herat

    New Delhi: The Taliban reportedly hung the dead bodies of four alleged kidnappers in public in the western city of Herat in an apparent warning, the BBC reported. The gruesome display came a…

  • BangaloreNATO crew member from K'taka recalls Afghan stint

    NATO crew member from K’taka recalls Afghan stint

    Mangaluru: Deepak Kumar U, a 35-year-old man who worked in the rescue fire fighting crew team of the US and NATO army base in Herat, Afghanistan, shared his experience of horror with…

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    Herat Governor, Ismail Khan surrender to Taliban as city falls

    Kabul: Former mujahedeen leader Mohammad Ismail Khan has surrendered to the Taliban as Herat, the third-largest city in Afghanistan, fell to the Taliban on Friday. All key government institutions were captured by…

  • WorldFighting escalates as Taliban attempts to capture Herat

    Fighting escalates as Taliban attempts to capture Herat

    Kabul: Fighting in Afghanistan has further intensified as Taliban militants have started attacking to gain more ground in Herat province and tighten the noose around the provincial capital Herat city. The militants have…

  • WorldFlash floods in Afghanistan

    Flash floods in Afghanistan claim 50 lives

    Kabul: As many as 50 people were killed in Afghanistan due to flash floods caused by heavy rainfall in several provinces, reported Afghanistan Times on Wednesday. “Following the heavy rainfall, waves of…

  • NewsSaffron flowers in Herat

    Saffron flowers in Herat

    Herat [Afghanistan]: Workers harvest saffron flowers in a field in Herat province. It may be mentioned that ‘saffron’ is a spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus, commonly known as the…

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