Syrian Air Force

  • Middle East

    Syria’s air defence respond to fresh Israeli missile attack

    Damascus: The Syrian air defences responded to an Israeli missile strike on the Syrian capital of Damascus, reported the state news agency SANA. Explosions were heard in Damascus late Thursday evening after…

  • Middle EastIsraeli missile strike targets Damascus

    Israeli missile strike targets Damascus

    Damascus: A fresh Israeli missile strike targeted sites in Damascus on Friday, state news agency SANA reported. The Syrian air defenses intercepted missiles over the southwestern countryside of Damascus as the sound…

  • News9 jihadists killed in Russia strikes on Idlib: monitor

    Syrian Air Force warplane drowned by militants

    Damascus [Syria]: Militants operating in the Idlib province shot down a Syrian air force plane on Wednesday, Syria’s state television reported. The whereabouts of the pilot is unknown. “One of our military…

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