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    Wheat seeds offered by US contain harmful worm infection: Syria

    Damascus: Syrian agriculture officials and farmers have been complaining that the wheat seeds, recently provided by the US for farmers in Syria’s northeastern province of al-Hasakah, contain a high degree of nematode (plant-parasitic…

  • WorldPalestinian convicted of murder dies in Israeli custody: officials

    US ‘deeply concerned’ by EU court decision on Palestinians

    WASHINGTON: The United States is “deeply concerned” by a ruling by the European Union’s top court that food products from occupied Palestinian territories must be labelled as such, the US State Department…

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    Pompeo again blames Iran for tankers’ attack

    Washington: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday reiterated his stance over recent attacks on two oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz and blamed Iran for tankers’ attack. “These were…

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