High BP

  • Lifestylefried food

    Study sheds light on solutions for overeating

    Washington: Science is a step closer to a new response to obesity, thanks in part to a study conducted by a team at The University of Texas at El Paso. The 10-member…

  • Healthblood pressure

    Study links high BP with eye health in children

    London: Young children with narrow retinal artery diameters are more likely to develop higher blood pressure while children with higher blood pressure levels were more likely to develop retinal microvascular impairment during early…

  • Health

    High BP treatment can slow down cognitive decline

    Washington D.C.: High blood pressure appears to speed up cognitive decline among middle-aged and older adults however treating it can slow down the regression, suggests a study. The preliminary study presented by researchers at Cof Public…

  • Health

    Many urinal trips in night hints at high BP: Study

    Tokyo: If you need to visit urinal frequently in the night, get your blood pressure checked as researchers say it may be a sign of hypertension. “Our study indicates if you need…

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