• IndiaHaryana: 8-foot long python rescued by forest department from car in Hissar's auto market

    Haryana: 8-foot long python rescued by forest department from car

    Hissar: A 8-foot long python weighing around 30 kg was rescued by the Forest Department from a car in the auto market in Hissar, Haryana on Wednesday. The forest department was informed by a worker in the Hissar’s auto market that a…

  • IndiaPython rescued from village in UP's Rampur

    Python rescued from village in UP’s Rampur

    Rampur: The Forest Department rescued a python from Shari village of Rampur district in Uttar Pradesh and released it in a nearby forest on Sunday. As per it, the python had consumed a large…

  • IndiaPython

    Eight-feet-long python rescued from railway underpass in Mathura

    Agra: An eight-feet-long python was rescued from a waterlogged railway underpass in Dhana Shamsabad village in Mathura. The reptile was kept under observation for several hours and later released back into its…

  • Top Stories

    It’s raining pythons in Agra

    Agra: Four python rescue operations in 24 hours, has surprised environmentalists in Agra. “It’s amazing! Looks like the Covid-19 pandemic has been a blessing in disguise as far as mother nature is…

  • Photos

    Indian Rock Pythons at Snake Park

    Chennai: An official holds baby rock pythons that hatched at Snake Park in Chennai, Friday, July 24, 2020. Earlier, the park had stopped breeding of Indian Rock Pythons due to regular inbreeding.…

  • Indiapythons

    Six pythons rescued in Odisha’s Dhenkanal

    Dhenkanal (Odisha): Six pythons were on Monday rescued from a hume pipe in Gajamara of Dhenkanal district in Odisha. Snake rescuer Sheikh Lalu said that of the six pythons, one was as…

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