• WorldBiggest supermoon of 2022 to grace skies tonight

    Biggest supermoon of 2022 to grace skies tonight

    The biggest Supermoon of 2022 will be visible in the skies around the world on Wednesday, July 13. The brightest Supermoon or Buck moon will begin to shine on Wednesday at 2:38 pm…

  • IndiaPartial lunar eclipse

    Partial lunar eclipse to be visible in India on May 26

    New Delhi: The first total lunar eclipse of the year will take place on May 26 and according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), only a few places in the country will be…

  • Photos

    Stunning shots of last supermoon of 2020

    The last “supermoon” of 2020 rose in the night sky over a world that is starting to re-emerge after weeks of coronavirus-related lockdowns.⁠ The supermoon is a phenomenon that happens when the…

  • PhotosPhotos: April Supermoon 2020

    Photos: April Supermoon 2020

    Kolkata: Moon rises in the sky over Kolkata, Tueday, April 7, 2020. People confined to their homes due to the coronavirus-triggered lockdown will be able to watch Supermoon on Wednesday, April 8,…

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