• IndiaPartial lunar eclipse

    Partial lunar eclipse to be visible in India on May 26

    New Delhi: The first total lunar eclipse of the year will take place on May 26 and according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), only a few places in the country will be…

  • Photos

    Stunning shots of last supermoon of 2020

    The last “supermoon” of 2020 rose in the night sky over a world that is starting to re-emerge after weeks of coronavirus-related lockdowns.⁠ The supermoon is a phenomenon that happens when the…

  • PhotosPhotos: April Supermoon 2020

    Photos: April Supermoon 2020

    Kolkata: Moon rises in the sky over Kolkata, Tueday, April 7, 2020. People confined to their homes due to the coronavirus-triggered lockdown will be able to watch Supermoon on Wednesday, April 8,…

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