• WorldVenus

    Sweden getting on board India’s Venus mission with payload to explore planet

    Bengaluru: Sweden is getting on board India’s Venus orbiter mission ‘Shukrayaan’ with a scientific instrument to explore the planet. Ambassador of Sweden to India, Klas Molin said Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF)…

  • ScienceVenus

    Atmospheric tidal waves maintain Venus’ super-rotation

    Washington D.C.: Images from the Akatsuki spacecraft unveil what keeps Venus’s atmosphere rotating much faster than the planet itself. An international research team led by Takeshi Horinouchi of Hokkaido University has revealed…

  • ScienceVenus

    The Pleiades embrace Venus

    Massachusetts: Every eight years, the brightest planet and the best-known open cluster come together — sometimes they’re a bit farther apart, sometimes they’re closer together. This year is a good one for…

  • ScienceNASA

    Design key sensor for Venus rover and win $15,000: NASA

    Washington: NASA is seeking help from the public in designing an obstacle avoidance sensor for a possible future Venus rover and has announced a competition with the first-place prize of $15,000. The first…

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