Out of UAE for over 6 months? Apply for re-entry permit; Here’s how

Residents applying for the service must state why they have been abroad for a long time and provide evidence

Abu Dhabi: United Arab Emirates (UAE) residence visa holders can now apply for a re-entry permit, if they are outside the country for more than six months.

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A new permit has been announced by the UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP).

Here are the details of the re-entry permit

  • Residents will have to state their reason for staying outside and also provide proof
  • Residents can apply for the service via the ICP website, under the “smart services” page titled ‘Permits for staying outside UAE for over six months’.
  • Residents can also apply for a re-entry permit through smart service centers or typing centres
  • The applicant can re-enter the country only after getting an approval email from the ICP. The approval process takes about five days
  • The re-entry permit for expats is valid for 30 days after the applicant receives an approval email from the ICP

How much does the service cost?

As per a report by Khaleej Times, the issuance fee for the service is 800 Dirhams (Rs 17,752). Additional fees by the ICP are 150 Dirhams (Rs 3,328). The total fees amount to just over 950 Dirhams (Rs 21,081).

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Basic requirements for applying for a re-entry permit?

  • Applicant basic information— name, mobile phone number and email address
  • Sponsor information, including ID and passport numbers
  • Applicant personal information like— number, gender and date of birth
  • Applicant passport details

Currently, the residency of a person with a residence visa is automatically revoked if the holder is outside the country for 180 days or more. The only exception to the rule were golden visa holders, who could stay abroad for as long as possible without it affecting their residency status.

This new amendment has brought relief to many residents who are living outside the country for education, work or personal reasons.

This new entry permit is also part of a string of recent changes made to UAE’s visa and residency system.

The largest entry and residence visa reforms in the UAE came into effect in October 2022. The reforms cover all aspects of residency, including the expanded golden visa scheme; a new green residence for five years; a five-year, multiple-entry tourist visa; And entry permits to search for work.

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