NASA scientists

  • World

    Nasa grows radishes in space under microgravity

    Washington: Located in Europe’s Columbus module, the NASA experiment is the latest in the study of plants growing in microgravity. With plans to visit the Moon and Mars, future astronauts will need…

  • Science

    New estimations show moon has hazardous radiation levels

    Cape Canaveral: Future moon explorers will be bombarded with two to three times more radiation than astronauts aboard the International Space Station, a health hazard that will require thick-walled shelters for protection, scientists…

  • ScienceJupiter

    NASA scientists spot water in Jupiter’s atmosphere

    Washington: NASA astronomers have recently revealed that our neighbourhood gas-giant, Jupiter, contains water in its atmosphere, albeit in a fractional amount. According to a statement on NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s website, nearly…

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