• World'Nightmare': Military veterans warn US against delaying Afghanistan exit

    Why does the US lose all its wars?

    After the US government withdrew its troops from Kabul questions are being asked as to why a superpower like America was overpowered by the Taliban to the point of submission. American experts…

  • Featured NewsUS to begin evacuating Afghans who aided American military

    Did the US wage two costly wars in its history due to fake reports?

    USA and Western Media vigorously hyped up the fake intelligence report that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. The USA and its allies invaded Iraq but could not find those weapons. After…

  • WorldWHO calls for price cut on drug for Covid-linked black fungus

    One in 100 deaths is by suicide: WHO

    Geneva: One in a hundred deaths globally can directly be attributed to suicide, the World Health Organization (WHO) said, arguing that the Covid-19 pandemic has increased factors for suicide worldwide. In 2019, more…

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